Sail Your Way to Singapore

A long long time ago, before air travel became popular and affordable, and before the Causeway and Second Link were built, the only way to reach Singapore was by sea. Many of Singapore’s early immigrants travelled on ships and braved rough seas, bad weather and cramped uncomfortable conditions to get to the island.

It took some of them a very long time to reach Singapore, up to several months. You can bet they were pleased when they finally reached the island!

A Note to Grown-Ups: Here’s an easy activity inspired by our forefathers’ perilous sea journeys. It is perfect for younger children aged five to eight. Click on this link activity book.maze to download the maze below, select ‘fit to page’ on your printer, and print it out for the little ones to sail their way to Singapore!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.41.48 PM




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