Recipe for Kids: Agar Agar Eggs

These agar agar eggs that mimic real eggs were a party favourite among children in the 1970s. Crack them open as you would a real egg and enjoy!


Craft for Kids: Tiger Mask

Tigers once roamed the virgin jungles of Singapore. But these days, the only live tigers you will spot on the island are the ones in the Singapore Zoo. Here’s a fun crafty way to bring them to “life” for your little ones!

Singapore HeritageFest 2016

Did you know that lots of hawkers lined the grounds of the National Museum decades ago and people would go there and eat? We didn’t! So it was a surprise to see this picture of the National Museum taken in the 1960s! You’ll get a taste of this when the Singapore HeritageFest swings by again over…

Sail Your Way to Singapore

A long long time ago, the only way to reach Singapore was by sea. Here’s an easy activity inspired by our forefathers’ perilous sea journeys. It is perfect for younger children aged five to eight.

How To Play Five Stones

This is one of the most well known games during the early days of Independent Singapore. Almost every school girl would have a set of five stones in her pocket or bag, ready to play with friends. You’ll need: At least 2 players, a flat surface to play on, and a set of five stones.…