Sing’s Tips on Reducing Plastics

It’s World Environment Day today. Well, happy World Environment Day! But it’s not really that happy, of course, because the rivers and seas are choked with our plastic and the sea creatures are suffering and dying everyday. Just recently, a pilot whale died off Thailand and was found by rescuers to have eaten over 80…

Singapore’s Bumboats

Once upon a time, the Singapore River was crowded with bumboats. They carried goods such as nutmeg and pepper between the ships moored out at sea and the warehouses, which were also called godowns. Back in the day, bumboats came in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Childhood Favourites – White Rabbit Candy

You can buy lots of sweets and candies in the shops these days. And there are huge shops selling nothing but candy too. But can you imagine that not that long ago, such a sight was not to be seen in Singapore? Many of the sweets we take for granted now — like the different…

When Singapore Queued For A Week

Queuing is a very Singaporean trait these days. We like things to be done orderly, and queuing is the fairest way to take turns. You’ll see Singaporeans queuing at food stalls, at the cashier, for buses, etc. But from 25 to 28 March 2015, Singaporeans queued like they had never queued before! You’ll see a…

Once Upon These Crops

Did you know that once upon a time, Singapore grew lots of important crops like nutmeg, rubber and even pepper? Singapore even became the centre of trade for some of these crops in Southeast Asia!